EXPERTISE IN LOGISTICS:                                                                   
Procurement, internal flows, distribution: 
make the supply chain optimal and flexible

Logistics covers warehousing and transfer activities for products from supplier to final distribution point.

TRAKER's expertise covers tactical level of logistics networks definition and operational level of warehousing optimisation. Our contribution are focused on the logistics costs reduction, stock optimisation and customer service management.

We offer 4 levels of service:

1. Logistics networks
  • Logistic plan definition
  • Localisation and sizing of production units, hubs and warehouses
  • Catchment area per warehouse delineation
  • Stock replenishment strategy
  • Pooling and/or flow concentration of the procurement or distribution point

2. Logistics operations
  • Warehouse activities sizing: area, resources, equipment and processes
  • Handling productivity optimisation: receiving, storing, packing, packaging and shipping
  • Logistics management efficiency optimisation
  • Workshop logistic optimisation
  • Storage management rules and processes implementation: cycle counting, ABC, picking point location, idle inventory reclassification, …

3. Logistics tools
  • Logistics scorecards implementation: activity volumes, stock rotation, obsolete inventory, stockout, handling productivity, logistics costs, …
  • Stock management rules configuration support
  • Support for selection, implementation and optimisation of warehouse and yield management system (WMS / YMS)
  • Support for the selection / implementation of handling equipment cart, racks and transitic

4. Logistics purchasing
  • Warehousing " Make or Buy " strategy definition
  • Logistics and IT supplier tenders : specifications, sourcing, negotiation and contractualisation

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