EXPERTISE IN PLANNING:                                                                   
Synchronize activity and capacities with efficency

Supply Chain Planning helps synchronising the company activity and its capacities (resources, tools, stock and supplier's capacities).

For each planning horizon, TRAKER's expertise covers all functions: demand management, procurement, operations scheduling, manufacturing, stock management and distribution. Our contribution is focused on customer service, process efficiency, resources productivity and inventory levels reduction.

We offer 3 levels of service:

1. Organisation and planning rules
  • Strategic plan definition
  • Synchronisation between the commercial offers and the capacity/constraints of the Supply Chain
  • Implementation of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Demand Management improvement: forecasting reliability, priorities management and orders monitoring
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) implementation or improvement
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS) implementation or improvement
  • Procurement rules review: suppliers' logistics conditions, safety stock, manufacturing resources planning, (MRP), trigger level, suppliers' order process …
  • Adaptation of manufacturing and distribution scheduling rules
2. Tools
  • Supply Chain scorecards on activity volumes, customer service, stock levels, logistics costs, flexibility, …
  • Shared and automated planning implementation
  • Stock management rules configuration support
  • Support for the selection and implementation of information management system: ERP, CMMS, AOM, …
  • Support for the selection and implementation of optimisation system: APS, Load allocation, Resources Organisation, …

3. Specific optimisation actions
  • Stock level reduction: components, semi-finished product, finished product
  • Lead-time and productivity improvement on key process: forecasting, supplier orders, client orders management, production orders FO-PO, …
  • Forecasting reliability improvement
  • Load/capacity levelling for the S&OP

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