The two most important things never appear
in a company report: its reputation and its people.

Henry Ford - Founder of the Ford Motor Company

Mark of flexibility, TRAKER is a human-scaled company of 10 co-workers. Our consultants are selected and trained to provide a deep expertise in Supply Chain, but also to continuously unite and boost customer teams.

TRAKER's board is composed of two associates:
Photo Of Erwan Giraud
Erwan Giraud
Founding Partner

HEC, Paris
Imperial College, London
Ecole Centrale, Lyon

Experiences before Traker
Aircraft industry & Purchasing and Supply Chain consulting
Why Traker?
"For consulting with rapid pay-back for our clients, but also to ensure medium and long term sustainable improvements"
Photo Of Mike Haziza
Mike Haziza
Founding Partner

ESCP Europe, Paris
ENSTIM − INSA, Toulouse

Experiences before Traker
Luxury industry & Supply Chain Management consulting
Why Traker?
"Since very early in my career, I was attracted by entrepreneurship, but I needed 2 conditions to be fulfilled before taking the plunge: find something with huge added-value, and find partners who complemented my skills and shared my views. Having found both of these, I said: This is for me! »

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After having started his career in the aeronautics industry, where he was in charge of quality and improvement projects, Erwan worked as a consultant for 5 years, specialising in optimising the purchasing function. As a consultant he realised some missions in Europe, Asia and North America on transport distribution cost optimisation, setting new overseas flow, stock management and time delivery optimisation.
Erwan co-founded TRAKER in may 2008. So far, he worked on more than 25 Supply Chain or purchasing optimisation and transformation missions.
Among his employers and customer references are: Acome, Algeco, Alstom Transport, Areva, ATR, EADS, SNPE, Liebherr Aerospace, Latécoère, Saint Michel, Saverglass, SKF, Sony, Yves Saint Laurent.
Mike started his career in the luxury business working on distribution and stock management issues.  He then spent 4 years working in an international consulting company, specialized in costs optimisation. As a consultant he drove some missions on planification, stock optimisation, rebuilding logistics networks and logistics purchasing.
Mikeco-founded TRAKER in may 2008. So far, he worked on more than 25 Supply Chain or purchasing optimisation and transformation missions.
Among his employers and customer references are: Areva, Buffalo Grill, Darty, Hutchinson, Lesieur Cristal, LVMH, Mecachrome, Pronatura, Senoble, Servair, Saint Michel, Snpe, SKF, Tenneco.
Mike is also a visiting lecturer in a number of French universities :Ecole des Mines in Paris, Ensam and Supméca.
Nhan started his career at Ouroumoff and partners, an engineering and logistics consulting company. After that, he took the head of operationnal account department in an IT Services & Software Engineering company. With this experience, he strengthened his IT system skills and specialized in logistics IT systems (WMS, TMS). He continued his career as he started it working as a supply chain specialist consultant. He now has joined the Traker team after 12 years of independent work in this activity.
Among his employers and customer references are :Francetelecom, Daher, Eurial, Lapeyre, Gascogne Wood, CHU Poitiers, Unicopa, L4 Logistics, FNAC.
Nhan also taught at Paris Dauphine University and at « Esli ».