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Boost the staff and improve their 


Supply Chain performances highly rely on skills and motivation of teams in charge. Beyond its consulting activity, TRAKER offers specialised training in Supply Chain Management. TRAKER is officially registered for this activity.

Our courses are designed according to your objectives: from the basics up to expert knowledge in a particular field.

1. Examples of courses
  • Stakes and generality of the Supply Chain function
  • Concepts and tools for planning (MRP II Model)
  • Logistics networks design
  • Warehouses sizing
  • Transportation : road, sea, river, air, rail
  • How to purchase logistics services
  • Keys levers for logistic on transport and optimisation
  • How to conduct a Supply Chain diagnostic

2. Our training tools
  • Field training
  • Business cases
  • Simulations
  • Serious games
  • Benchmarks of similar companies
  • Videos
  • Debate
  • Evaluation forms

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