EXPERTISE IN TRANSPORT:                                                                 
Optimize the transportation costs and improve its reliability

Transport provides the link between suppliers, clients and company's sites. Complex and often neglected, its optimisation generates gains quickly noticeable as much on profitability than customer service.

TRAKER's Transport expertise covers all means (road, sea, air, rail and river) and all purchasing categories of transport (full load haulage, pooling, mail, express, single parcel, hand carry ...), for packaged products. Our contribution is focused on: loads optimisation, mileage reduction, purchasing rationalisation and customer service. Those objectives are in accordance with improving the ecological footprint.

We offer 4 levels of service:

1. Tactical transport schemes
  • Transportation plans redesign
  • Flow paths overhaul
  • Load maximisation: returns, triangular, pooling, …
  • Intermediate pooling sites definition: deported stocks, hubs, …
  • Alternative transportation solutions implementation: short sea shipping, rail, truck with trailers, electrical vehicles, …
  • Review of delivery constraints: lead time, schedule, minimum orders, packaging, palletizing rules, …
  • International flow implementation

2. Transportation operations
  • Process ordering improvement
  • Milk runs optimisation
  • Transportation services organisation definition
  • Vehicles loading rules and process overhaul
  • Process of shipment tracking improvement
  • Billing control process review and pre-billing deployment

3. Transportation tools
  • Transportation control tools deployment: business volumes, number of shipments per segment, fill rate, expenditures per segment, service rate, …
  • Best-carrier selection tool deployment
  • Tracing flows tool deployment
  • Support for the selection, implementation and optimisation of Transport Management System (TMS)

4. Transportation purchases
  • Transport " Make or Buy " strategy definition (PL3 − PL4)
  • Panel of carriers rationalisation
  • Tenders: specifications, sourcing, negotiation and contractualisation
  • Transportation rules of selection redesign: full load, pooling, express, mail, single parcel, hand carry, …

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