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Traker : Supply Chain Experts – New Year 2019

Traker : Supply Chain Experts – New Year 2019

The Traker team wishes you a New Year full of innovation, dynamism and delight!


Traker is growing, our premises as well

Traker is growing, our premises as well

To support its growth, Traker is moving to new premises in Paris close to Gare de Lyon station.

All the team will be happy to welcome and give you a tour, feel free to contact us!


Traker : Supply Chain Experts – Wishes 2018

Traker : Supply Chain Experts – Wishes 2018

"2008-2018 : more experience, same energy"

Traker wishes you the best for 2018!


  • STRATEGY & ORGANISATION | Precision engineering

    Precision Engineering for the Energy Market

    STRATEGY & ORGANISATION | Precision engineering
    • Improvement of customer service levels
    • Reduction of lead times
    • Reduction of component inventories
  • LOGISTICS | Textiles

    Distribution of Linens for Hotels and Restaurants

    LOGISTICS | Textiles
    • Optimisation of the full cost of logistics and transportation
    • Rationalisation of inventories
    • Rapid implementation of the target to compensate for the expiration of a lease
  • PLANNING & CUSTOMER SERVICE | Home improvement

    Large Home Improvement Stores

    PLANNING & CUSTOMER SERVICE | Home improvement
    • Optimisation of platforms in anticipation of their saturation
    • Increases in productivity
  • PURCHASING & PROCUREMENT | Camping equipment

    Camping equipment manufacturing plant

    PURCHASING & PROCUREMENT | Camping equipment
    • Reduction of the average inventory value
    • Increase in the availability rate for production
    • Enhancement of procurement officers’ efficiency

    Fruits and vegetables packaging lines

    • Improvement of the operators’ working conditions
    • Increase in productivity
    • Reduction of shrinkage
  • LOGISTICS | Retail

    Distribution of equipments for retailers

    LOGISTICS | Retail
    • Improvement of e-commerce services up to market standards
    • Accommodation of forecasted growth
    • Optimisation of the logistics productivity
  • TRANSPORTATION | Luxury goods

    Designer Fashion Outlet

    TRANSPORTATION | Luxury goods
    • Improvement of the reliability of deliveries
    • Optimisation of transportation costs
    • Simplification of transportation management