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From the design of your supply chain to targeted optimisation:
TRAKER diagnoses, designs and implements.

Expertise combined with the capacity to implement:

TRAKER acts on every supply chain planning horizon: strategic, tactical and operational.

At each of these levels, we carry out customised projects covering all or part of the diagnostic, design, implementation and long-term sustainability phases.

Our key advantage: PRAGMATISM

From our ‘field’ experience of optimisation and transformation projects has come a capacity to formulate ambitious yet accessible recommendations on how to modernise your supply chain.

A guarantee of return on investment, the funding model for our missions is either:

  • FLAT-RATE: Based on deliverables
  • RESULT-BASED: Based on savings and profits generated
  • MIXED: Flat-rate & Result-based
  • What vision for your supply chain on the 3-year horizon?

    What objectives for performance?

    How to make your transformation project a success?

    We support excutives and their management in designing their supply chain for the long-term, and in carrying out their transformation projects.

    Examples of TRAKER missions

    • Diagnostic of a supply chain
    • Designing and ramping up the organisation of the supply chain
    • Redesign of the master plan for manufacturing and/or logistics
    • Definition of the purchasing and procurement strategy
    • Adaptation of the manufacturing and/or logistics planning model and tools

  • How to steer your supply chain efficiently?

    What tools and processes to control your VALUE-COST-ASSETS trio?

    How to get your teams on board and ramp up their skills?

    We support Management and Teams in implementing supply chain steering tools while modernising processes and ramping up employees’ skills.

    Examples of TRAKER missions

    • Designing and ramping up the organisation of supply chain services
      (Procurement, Planning, Sales administration, Logistics, Transportation, etc.)
    • Design of logistics platforms
    • Implementation of supply chain control systems
    • Setting up a Sales and Operations Plan
    • Support in the selection and implementation of information systems (WMS, TMS, MES, AOM, etc.)
    • Leading of supply chain Training-Action programmes for each profession

  • What goals for short- and medium-term savings?

    What levers to use?

    What implementation programme to achieve savings goals and get operational teams on board?

    We support Management and Teams in optimising specific parts of the supply chain.
    At the same time, we set up technical and organisational solutions that make improvements last.

    Examples of TRAKER missions

    • Review of scheduling parameters and tools (Lot sizes, Cycle times, Chronogram, Scheduling algorithm for job orders, etc.)
    • Optimisation of transportation flows (Alternative means of transportation, Transportation plans, Route plans, Carrier plans, etc.)
    • Call for bids from logistics service providers, carriers and suppliers of infrastructures and equipment for logistics.
    • Benchmarking of fee schedules of logistics providers or carriers and verify invoices
    • Optimisation of warehouse preparation processes and equipment
    • Improvement of physical inventory rules


  • STRATEGY & ORGANISATION | Precision engineering

    Precision Engineering for the Energy Market

    STRATEGY & ORGANISATION | Precision engineering
    • Improvement of customer service levels
    • Reduction of lead times
    • Reduction of component inventories
  • LOGISTICS | Textiles

    Distribution of Linens for Hotels and Restaurants

    LOGISTICS | Textiles
    • Optimisation of the full cost of logistics and transportation
    • Rationalisation of inventories
    • Rapid implementation of the target to compensate for the expiration of a lease
  • PLANNING & CUSTOMER SERVICE | Home improvement

    Large Home Improvement Stores

    PLANNING & CUSTOMER SERVICE | Home improvement
    • Optimisation of platforms in anticipation of their saturation
    • Increases in productivity
  • PURCHASING & PROCUREMENT | Camping equipment

    Camping equipment manufacturing plant

    PURCHASING & PROCUREMENT | Camping equipment
    • Reduction of the average inventory value
    • Increase in the availability rate for production
    • Enhancement of procurement officers’ efficiency

    Design of a platform

    • Accommodation of forecasted growth
    • Optimisation of logistical efficiency
  • LOGISTICS | Retail

    Distribution of equipments for retailers

    LOGISTICS | Retail
    • Improvement of e-commerce services up to market standards
    • Accommodation of forecasted growth
    • Optimisation of the logistics productivity

    Optimisation of the national transportation plan

    • Optimisation of the complete cost of the transportation plan
    • Simplification of the transportation management