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From the recommendation to the measurable, long-lasting result.

TRAKER does not just make recommendations, it is beside you all the way during implementation.

Our approach covers every phase of the supply chain performance cycle: from the diagnostic to guaranteeing the sustainability of the improvements made.

A guarantee of return on investment, the funding model for our missions is either:

  • Flat-rate: Based on deliverables.
  • Result-based: Based on savings and profits generated.
  • Mixed: Flat-rate & Result-based.
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  • Diagnostic of Supply Chain

    We conduct diagnostics on all or part of your supply chain activities to:

    • Assess the level of maturity and improvement challenges
    • Identify levers for optimisation and progress
    • Assess potential for savings and profits
    • Determine the technical, economic and organisational conditions of implementation
    • Validate the roadmap

    Our supply chain diagnostics, which last from 1 to 2.5 months, focus on:

    • A detailed understanding of the context
      1. Interviews with managers and operational personnel
      2. Immersion and active observation in the field
    • Analytical and factual reports
      1. Indepth data collection
      2. Analyses and simulations using TRAKER tools
    • New ideas
      1. TRAKER benchmarking
      2. Creativity workshops
    • Accessible recommendations
      1. Workshops with management focusing on assessment and prioritisation
      2. Validation meetings with senior management

    Examples of diagnostics entrusted to TRAKER:

    • How to reduce component inventories?
      What is the forecasted impact on our WCR?
    • How to increase reliability of our service rate and adapt our lead-times map to meet the requirements of retail stores?
    • How to improve the reliability of our sales forecasts?
      What impact would there be on our stock-out percentage?
    • How to increase productivity and picking capacity on our distribution platform?
    • How to optimise our air and sea transport costs for exports?
      What is the potential for improvement?
    • How to optimise the productivity of our sales administration?
      Will the improvements generated allow us to accommodate growth on the two-year horizon?
    • Is our logistics service provider really competitive?
      If not, what levers can we use to negotiate or change?

  • Supply Chain Studies and Design

    We conduct indepth studies on your supply chain to:

    • Define your medium- and long-term objectives
    • Design a target solution: structure, service provider(s), organisation, processes and steering tools
    • Calculate impact: costs, WCR, customer service, flexibility, etc.
    • Determine technical, economic and organisational conditions of implementation
    • Validate the roadmap

    Our design missions, which last from 1 to 4 months, focus on:

    • Precise and detailed proposals
      1. TRAKER detailed description frameworks
      2. Modelling using TRAKER tools
    • Extensive simulations
      1. Analyses and simulations using TRAKER tools
      2. Call for bids from service providers (when required)
    • Progressive decision-making
      1. Multi-scenario evaluations
      2. Meetings with senior management to filter and refine scenarios
    • Accessible solutions
      1. Workshops with management and operational personnel focusing on assessment
      2. TRAKER project management tools

    Examples of design issues entrusted to TRAKER:

    • How to scale our supply chain organisation?
      Which practices to centralise?
      What objectives to assign to the supply chain on a 3-year horizon?
    • How to modernise our model and our industrial planning tools?
      Should we move in the direction of DDMRP?
      What would the impact be on our inventory levels?
    • Should we reposition our distribution platforms?
      Is outsourcing them still a good choice?
    • What is the barycentre for positioning our new plant?
      What are the pertinent location scenarios?
    • What is the target schema for our downstream transportation?
      What service providers to benchmark?
    • On the basis of our 7-year business plan:
      how to scale our new distribution platform?
      What automation level shall we aim for?
    • Should we centralise procurement for our plants on a platform?
      What are the possible profits and logistic costs of the new schema?
    • What is the target service of our e-commerce activity?
      Should we develop a dedicated logistics platform?
    • Should we implement a TMS?
      What would it do, and what impacts would it have?

  • Supply Chain Implementation

    We work alongside you to provide expertise on all or part of your supply chain activities with:

    • The implementation of technical actions in organisation and purchasing
    • Coaching and provision of targeted expertise to teams
    • Project control and monitoring of results and deliverables
    • Team leading and change management

    Our supply chain implementation projects focus on:

    • Credibility through measurable results
      1. ‘Quick-Win’ projects that generate the first profits and savings within 2 months
      2. TRAKER tools for monitoring profits and savings
    • Commitment in the field
      1. Consultants’ strong presence alongside teams
      2. Committed operational support in implementing actions
    • Sustainability of savings and solutions
      1. Team training
      2. In-depth projects to adapt the organisation, processes and tools

    Examples of implementation missions entrusted to TRAKER:

    • Implementation and ramping up of a supply chain organisation
    • Setting up a Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process
    • Redesign of the planning model
      (PFEP, MRP2, DDMRP, order point, etc.)
    • Optimisation of inventory levels of components and raw materials
    • Centralisation of procurement for plants and selection of a service provider to operate the storage platform
    • Optimisation of transportation flows
      (Alternative means of transportation, transportation plans, route plans, carrier plans, etc.)
    • Optimisation of preparation productivity for a distribution warehouse
    • Review of the panel of benchmarked carriers and standardisation of fee schedules

  • Supply Chain Sustainability and Monitoring

    In addition to implementation, we are committed to making long-lasting changes through:

    • The formalisation of new processes and management rules
    • Adaptation of the organisation to changes
    • Team training
    • Implementation of monitoring tools and control systems
    • Auditing 3 to 9 months after implementation of our actions

    Examples of Sustainability missions entrusted to TRAKER:

    • Implementation of a global control system for monitoring the supply chain.
    • Drafting of the operating specifications for a Planning department
    • Mapping of the target processes for a purchaser hub
    • Leading a training-actions programme specifically tailored to supply chain personnel
    • Implementation of a tool to monitor savings on a new international distribution schema
    • Auditing of savings 6 months after implementation of a new transportation plan
    • Implementation of a tool to monitor changes in productivity and the error rate for warehouse preparation


  • STRATEGY & ORGANISATION | Precision engineering

    Precision Engineering for the Energy Market

    STRATEGY & ORGANISATION | Precision engineering
    • Improvement of customer service levels
    • Reduction of lead times
    • Reduction of component inventories
  • LOGISTICS | Textiles

    Distribution of Linens for Hotels and Restaurants

    LOGISTICS | Textiles
    • Optimisation of the full cost of logistics and transportation
    • Rationalisation of inventories
    • Rapid implementation of the target to compensate for the expiration of a lease
  • PLANNING & CUSTOMER SERVICE | Home improvement

    Large Home Improvement Stores

    PLANNING & CUSTOMER SERVICE | Home improvement
    • Optimisation of platforms in anticipation of their saturation
    • Increases in productivity
  • PURCHASING & PROCUREMENT | Camping equipment

    Camping equipment manufacturing plant

    PURCHASING & PROCUREMENT | Camping equipment
    • Reduction of the average inventory value
    • Increase in the availability rate for production
    • Enhancement of procurement officers’ efficiency

    Design of a platform

    • Accommodation of forecasted growth
    • Optimisation of logistical efficiency
  • LOGISTICS | Retail

    Distribution of equipments for retailers

    LOGISTICS | Retail
    • Improvement of e-commerce services up to market standards
    • Accommodation of forecasted growth
    • Optimisation of the logistics productivity

    Optimisation of the national transportation plan

    • Optimisation of the complete cost of the transportation plan
    • Simplification of the transportation management